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Tomato paste

Wholesale deliveries of industrial tomato paste in barrels, wooden and plastic containers with a capacity of up to 1300 liters.

Also, our company offers tomato powder made from high-quality tomatoes.
Shipping by trucks and sea containers worldwide.
During the manufacturing process, tomatoes are rubbed to obtain a homogeneous mass, and then the resulting product is concentrated, in particular by boiling it 6-8 times. Tomato paste differs from tomato puree in its greater concentration - the dry matter content in it should be from 24 to 40%.
Tomato paste can be used to make ketchup, reconstituted tomato juice, canned vegetables and other tomato-based products. Used in small quantities to enrich the flavor of sauces. Tomato paste is added to soups and used as a base for pizza sauce.

Tomato paste

We grow and supply garlic seeds, process garlic into puree and freeze peeled garlic for the Food Industry.
It is also possible to supply dried garlic to customer orders.

Using only high-quality non-GMO garlic for our products as a result, you get a product that is full of flavor and has a natural aroma.

Peeled garlic, frozen

Peeled garlic cloves. Packing in p/e vacuum bags with a weight according to the customer's order.

Recommended storage temperature: from -3 to -1 C.

Chilled salted garlic puree

Chopped fresh garlic with the addition of salt (from 7% to 20%), with/or without/the addition of citric acid; Packing in plastic buckets or in vacuum p/e bags according to the customer's order;

Recommended storage temperature: from -10 C to +5 C.

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