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frozen Fish & Seafood

Frozen FISH


mackerel,capelin, sardines,cod,hake,fish fillet,pelagic fish...

frozen Seafood & Fish


shrimps,crabs, squids,lobsters, octopuses,clams, oysters,seaweed...

frozen Berries & Fruits


raspberry,currant,red currant, strawberry, blueberry,cherry, apricot,plum...

Frozen Poultry & Meat

Frozen MEAT

whole chicken,chicken breast,chicken fillet and thighs,turkey,beef, lamb,poultry 

HoReCa products

ABM club supplies various products for Hotels, Restaurants,
Cafes and Food Manufacturers

We are pleased to offer for our customers the following products:
frozen and chilled chicken, turkey, beef, frozen fish and seafood, frozen fruits and berries, ingredients for b
akery, ice cream in HoReСa packaging, tomato sauces, ketchups, sauces, tomato paste, dressings, mustards, mayonnaises, mayonnaise sauces, frozen dough, flour and cereals, sugar, more than 55 types of dairy products and high-quality cheeses, sunflower and olive oils for adding to salads, as well as sunflower oil for deep frying. 

Private Label service is available for most products

Poultry meat
Poultry. semi-finished meat
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