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PRODUCTS/ Fish and Seafood

Fish products and seafood is one of our many areas in the food industry, including the processing, freezing and canning of fish.Raising freshwater and marine fish and oysters is becoming a very popular business as sea and river resources are severely depleted and over the past 30 years fish stocks in the world's oceans have declined sharply.Olex Group  and ABM Club combine several marine and freshwater fish farming enterprises, as well as cooperate with leading fishing companies in the supply of wild marine fish and seafood for the timely supply of fresh products throughout the sea.Please contact us for catalogs and price lists to get acquainted with our products.

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Aquaculture / Fish Farming
"Olex Group" is one of our brands, which specializes in breeding  Sturgeon, Sterlet, Bester, Beluga, Siberian Sturgeon, hybrid Beluga/Bester), paddlefish, trout, carp species, pike, perch, tench, aquarium fish from spawn to commercial fish.
Production of agricultural and fish products, food, professional industrial equipment for cleaning water and liquids.
The creation of RAS complexes and open trout, sturgeon and carp farms is also a priority of our company.
In our team , there are very strong professionals with vast experience in hatching and growing sturgeon, salmon and carp fish, as well as aquarium fish.

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