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Investment opportunities 

Ukraine possesses the richest soils in Europe to lead agricultural activities, which is about 25%-30% of world reserves of the black soil or 60 million hectares. Favorable climatic conditions reduce a risk in the crop production, horticulture and contribute to higher yields.

In many directions, Ukraine is one of the largest producers of agricultural products in the world and for some items, such as sunflower oil and the cultivation of grain (cereals), our country holds the first places. At the same time, the production facilities in an agriculture are used only at 55-65%.

Providing consultations and legal assistance to our partners and investors is one of the main goals of ABM .

Welcome to Ukraine!

We invite investors to implement business projects

Our company takes care of natural resources and the soil on which we grow crops, including organic grain.
We are looking for like-minded people around the world to create environmental funds and take part in international projects to restore and clean rivers, seas and oceans, as well as companies and investors to promote organic farming.
Please contact us for details.

agribusiness investments
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