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About us

Welcome to ABM Food and Agriculture

In 2017, ABM Club has united several large and small enterprises for supplying of agricultural products and food to the world market.
Today, we have an experienced team of specialists and reliable partners in Ukraine and overseas to fulfill the tasks of exporting and promoting high quality commodities worldwide.
Production capacities allow us to produce competitive goods in large volumes in the following areas:
grains and cereals,frozen products, canned seafood, oilseeds, flour, legumes, dairy products, vegetable oils, juices, spices and ingredients, berries and fruits, vegetables, animal feed, sugar, eggs and poultry meat, beef, confectionery, beverages, honey, organic food, etc.
We deliver commodities directly from the production facilities and if you wish to visit the enterprise, we will organize a presentation at the factory for you.Most of products presented by ABM Club could be produced under the Private Label service for the supply to wholesale customers and retailers.
Our company participates in investment projects in various industries, represents the interests of foreign companies in Ukraine on long-term partnerships.
We care about nature and do everything possible to protect the environment from pollution by production waste.
Organic cultivation of agricultural crops and food production is one of our main priorities.
We invite customers, food manufacturers and farmers for cooperation.

Let's feed the world together!

Best regards,

Oleg Zhabrovets

ABM club Food and Agriculture CEO
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